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Creative Lunch Club
Testimonial Júlia Mota Albuquerque

I love Creative Lunch Club because it harnesses the most human way of connecting, sharing a meal. It's an effortless way for creatives to build diverse connections and friendships across various fields and meet people they wouldn't otherwise.

Júlia Mota Albuquerque
Illustrator & Muralist, Berlin
Creative Lunch Club - Meet other creatives

The Idea

Meeting other creative and inspiring people is one of the best things about working in the creative industries. But networking events are boring. Wouldn't it be much nicer to meet other creatives over lunch?

This is where the Creative Lunch Club comes in. We bring creative people together to have lunch together.

When I found about the Creative Lunch Club I immediately thought I had to join. I live for design communities but so rarely we get opportunities to have these small group gatherings, so lunch feels like the ideal excuse to meet other creatives. Had the first one the other day and yep, it was a great experience and can’t wait for the next.

Bruno Figueiredo
Brand Designer, Lisbon
Testimonial Bruno Figueiredo
Creative Lunch Club - Creatives sitting together
Testimonial Danii Pollehn

Thanks to Creative Lunch Club I found friends and inspiring conversations and connections with people that I probably would not have met otherwise. The process is easy and straight forward and everyone is so friendly, interesting and talented - what an amazing experience.

Danii Pollehn
Illustrator, Lisbon
Creative Lunch Club - Food on Table

How to join

The membership fee of the Creative Lunch Club is 10€ per 3 months. As a member you'll get matched with two other creatives every month.  

To join, just click on Join the Creative Lunch Club, fill out the form and pay the membership fee.

If you don't have any lunch in the first three months because there are not enough members in your city or due to any other reason, just send us an email anytime and we will refund you the money immediately.

The initiative by the Creative Lunch Club has allowed me to meet people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I now have a bigger network and new friends.

Erik Herrström
Creative Director, Vienna
Testimonial Erik Herrström
Creative Lunch Club - Table with people
Testimonial Paolo Morrongiello

My first lunch was with Lea & Caroline, NYC designers like me and it was great to meet them outside of work in a casual setting. Creative Lunch Club does the hard part of linking me up with others when otherwise, I’d be so focused on work that I wouldn’t have the energy to find like-minded people. And you make new friends.

Paola Morrongiello
Digital Designer & Animator, New York City

Creative Lunch Club is an amazing initiative for us creatives to meet others who are like-minded. As creatives we have our friends, colleagues  and acquaintances, but having the opportunity to connect and get to know other operators who are inspiring and each have a story to tell is what our industry needs more of – to feel a part of a community.

Simon Morehead
Creative Director, Stockholm
Testimonial Simon Morehead

The Creative Lunch Club is a fantastic initiative and a powerful network for me as a creative. Beyond sharing meals and meeting people, I made good friends and found clients over time.

It was surprising to learn that CLC is present in many European cities, allowing me to stay connected even after moving.

Nicole Chufi
Visual & Sound Artist, Stockholm
Nicole Chufi