Creative Lunch Club Klaus Heller
Creative Lunch Club - People talking at lunch

A few years ago, the idea of meeting other creatives from my city over lunch and getting to know them better popped into my head. So I thought about an easy way to make this happen, et voilà the Creative Lunch Club was born. It has taken me some time to bring the idea to life, but here it is.

This platform should be an easy and pleasant way to meet new people working in similar fields like you. Maybe even some new projects, collaborations or friendships will arise.

Creative Lunch Club - Having lunch together
Creative Lunch Club - Table with people

At lunch, you can talk about your work and projects, but also what inspires you and how you love spending your time. There are no rules besides being friendly and respectful, and remember, this should be no sales pitch or job interview.

What you do after lunch is up to you. Exchange numbers, connect on Instagram, start a project together or never see each other again.

In any case, I would love it if you shared a picture of your lunch on Instagram and tag @creativelunchclub.

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