Creative Lunch Club - Sharing Food
Testimonial Júlia Mota Albuquerque

I love Creative Lunch Club because it harnesses the most human way of connecting, sharing a meal. It's an effortless way for creatives to build diverse connections and friendships across various fields and meet people they wouldn't otherwise.

Júlia Mota Albuquerque
Illustrator & Muralist, Berlin

When I found about the Creative Lunch Club I immediately thought I had to join. I live for design communities but so rarely we get opportunities to have these small group gatherings, so lunch feels like the ideal excuse to meet other creatives. Had the first one the other day and yep, it was a great experience and can’t wait for the next.

Bruno Figueiredo
Brand Designer, Lisbon
Testimonial Bruno Figueiredo
Testimonial Danii Pollehn

Thanks to Creative Lunch Club I found friends and inspiring conversations and connections with people that I probably would not have met otherwise. The process is easy and straight forward and everyone is so friendly, interesting and talented - what an amazing experience.

Danii Pollehn
Illustrator, Lisbon

The initiative by the Creative Lunch Club has allowed me to meet people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I now have a bigger network and new friends.

Erik Herrström
Creative Director, Vienna
Testimonial Erik Herrström
Testimonial Paolo Morrongiello

My first lunch was with Lea & Caroline, NYC designers like me and it was great to meet them outside of work in a casual setting. Creative Lunch Club does the hard part of linking me up with others when otherwise, I’d be so focused on work that I wouldn’t have the energy to find like-minded people. And you make new friends.

Paola Morrongiello
Digital Designer & Animator, New York City

The Creative Lunch Club is a fantastic initiative and a powerful network for me as a creative. Beyond sharing meals and meeting people, I made good friends and found clients over time.

It was surprising to learn that CLC is present in many European cities, allowing me to stay connected even after moving.

Nicole Chufi
Visual & Sound Artist, Stockholm
Nicole Chufi
Johanna Rüdinger

As a freelance creative, I am always on the lookout for others to find my community. And nothing compares to a relaxed lunch to connect with new faces and get away from your, sometimes lonely, desk.

Johanna Rüdinger
Creative Art Director, Barcelona

Creative Lunch Club is an amazing initiative for us creatives to meet others who are like-minded. As creatives we have our friends, colleagues  and acquaintances, but having the opportunity to connect and get to know other operators who are inspiring and each have a story to tell is what our industry needs more of – to feel a part of a community.

Simon Morehead
Creative Director, Stockholm
Testimonial Simon Morehead
Natalie Walker

Creative Lunch Club is always a treat. If you are new to a city, looking for collaborators or just nice humans, I would recommend.

Natalie Walker
Associate Creative Director, London

I recently moved to Barcelona and was looking for ways to meet new people in the city. The Creative Lunch is such a convenient and fun way to meet new people! I learnt a lot from the other two, who have been here much longer than I have. I can't wait for the next one.

Luke Pallett
Director of Photography,  Barcelona
Luke Pallett
Suma Balaram Schippers

Everything about Creative Lunch Club makes me happy - the concept, the people and the vibe. It is such a fun way of getting to meet like-minded people and make new friends in your city!“

Suma Balaram Schippers

Art Director, Amsterdam

I recently signed up for Creative Lunch Club and I am enjoying the experience so much. It’s a great way to connect with other creatives in your area.

Nathan Ward
Paper Artist, London
Nathan Ward
Monika Le

So lovely and energizing to connect with other designers, bonding over shared experiences, loves/qualms about our work, how to avoid creative burnout, what we’re looking forward to, and so on.
Looking forward to continuing to make these thoughtful connections and have meaningful conversations.

Monika Lê
Graphic Designer, Toronto

So I’ve just moved back to my home town after living overseas for 3 years and I’ve always had trouble meeting creative people that are my vibe. I figured Brisbane just didn’t have many creatives. I signed up for creative lunch club and boy did they pull through!

I met two people my age and in the exact same position as me, just moved here and looking for creative friends. We all clicked immediately and started making all the plans before going for a drive together and extending out hang out.

So excited for the next meetup! Couldn’t recommend this more, it’s such a great concept.

Alex Dingley
Creative Director, Brisbane
Alex Dingley
Jolly Schwarz

Thanks to Creative Lunch Club and their beautiful concept I regularly get to meet new creative people in Vienna every month.

Jolly Schwarz
Photographer, Vienna

I've wanted to do the follow-for-follow creatives thing but preferred more genuine IRL chats with folks who create art, design, ideas, etc.

I stumbled upon Creative Lunch Club and had my first lunch and loved it. If you are a creative looking to be less lonely in this sprawling city and have interesting conversations in Los Angeles, I recommend it.

Kristen Fung
Marketing & Travel Curator, Los Angeles
Kristen Fung
Meredith Lockwood

As a proud member of the Creative Lunch Club, I have connected with countless talented and inspiring creatives across Amsterdam, London, New York City, and Portland, OR. This community has enriched my international network and allowed me to collaborate with amazing freelancers on client projects for my purpose-driven creative agency. The Creative Lunch Club is a beacon of creativity and camaraderie in the industry."

Meredith Lockwood
Multidisciplinary creative designer and founder, Portland

I joined CLC a couple of months ago and have met some pretty awesome creative peeps. Every month you get paired a couple creatives from your city to plan a lunch with to talk shop. It’s a great way to expand your network - extremely great value IMO. 

Lindsey Drennan
Photographer + Director, London
Lindsey Drennan
Karishma Kasabia

I met a video editor and a graphic designer via Creative Lunch Club and it was wholesome. We talked about procrastination, working from home, finding clients, cats, medication and anxiety. 
Highly recommend if you’re in your creative silo a lot and don’t like mass networking events.

Karishma Kasabia
Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer, Melbourne

You know that feeling when you find your people? That’s exactly what I feel every month when I meet up with my new matches on the creative lunch club. People I’ve met have all been genuine and interested in real human connection. I genuinely look forward to my new matches every month. 

Otega Ajuchi
Tech consultant & Artist, Manchester
Otega Ajuchi
Inga Kaminska

Was looking for something exactly like Creative Lunch Club. A modern third place, also a digital community and a way to network. Tried few alternatives and this one is perfect. Brought a lot of new things to my daily life. Wish to use it when I travel as well.

Inga Kamińska
Card game designer, Warsaw

Creative Lunch Club is amazing. It makes it easy to connect with other creatives in your area, making new friends every month. I’ve really enjoyed my lunches so far. 

Giada Pieropan
Motion designer, London
Nathan Ward
Sara Almosaibi Jasas

I was longing for a new context and hoping to create some kind of community. Signed up to Creative Lunch Club and every month they match me with two other creatives in my region. 

I’ve already met my matches for a second time and we’ve already exchanged much laughs, feelings and ideas. And a gig or two.

Sara Almosaibi Jasas
Artist, Malmö