Creative Lunch Club London

Creative Lunch Club is always a treat. If you are new to a city, looking for collaborators or just nice humans, I would recommend.

Natalie Walker
Associate Creative Director, London
Natalie Walker
Creatives having lunch together in London

Wether you are a graphic designer, a photographer or a film maker, the Creative Lunch Club gives you the chance to meet all those creatives in London for lunch. Join the Creative Lunch Club, and we will connect you with two of our members from London once a month.

Together you set a time and a place and have lunch. There are no rules for lunch. Talk about your work, projects, what inspires you, and what you enjoy.

Lindsey Drennan

I joined CLC a couple of months ago and have met some pretty awesome creative peeps. Every month you get paired a couple creatives from your city to plan a lunch with to talk shop. It’s a great way to expand your network - extremely great value IMO. 

Lindsey Drennan
Photographer + Director, London
Meet creatives in London for lunch

I recently signed up for Creative Lunch Club and I am enjoying the experience so much. It’s a great way to connect with other creatives in your area.

Nathan Ward
Paper Artist, London
Nathan Ward
Jolly Schwarz

Creative Lunch Club is amazing! It makes it easy to connect with other creatives in your area, making new friends every month. I’ve really enjoyed my lunches so far.

Giada Pieropan
Motion designer, London